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Board of Directors

Shabir Abji
Mr.Abji assisted in the running of the family business, and in1984 set up the company operations in Uganda. As the Group Director, he was instrumental in setting up Uganda Oxygen, Twiga Chemical Industries Uganda, Service and Computer Industries Uganda (Formerly NCR} and American Communication and Technologies. Mr. Abji has served as the Chairman of Aga Khan Health Services, Tanzania ,a Councilor of the Confederation of Tanzania Industries and currently is the Chairman of Dares Salaam Tourism Executive Board. He is also the Chairman of the Tanzania Asian Development Association in formation and has been involved in fund raising activities for various causes and is a member of the FAO sponsored Telefood Committee.

nizarNizar N. Juma
Mr.Juma is the Chairman of Jubilee Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries,and has served in this capacity since July 2004. He chairs the Company's Board Nominating and Human Resource Committee.Mr.Juma is also a Director at Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) and the regional Chairman of the Industrial Promotion Services group of companies

Ramadhani K Dau
Ramadhani Dau joined  the Board in June 2006, and is currently the Director-General of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) in Tanzania. Prior to his appointment at the NSSF in 2001,Dr.Dau held various academic posts at the University of Dares Salaam. Dr.Dau sits on the Company Board Finance Committee

Amin Lakhani
Mr. Lakhani is the managing director of Synarge Group of companies one of the most reputable corporations in Tanzania. The Group's interest lies in a wide range of activities from distribution of Tyres & Retread Services, Automotive Spares, Smelting of Lead ,Real Estate Development and Mining.

johanJohn J Metcalf
Mr. Metcalf was appointed to the Board in November 2006. He has had extensive international experience in the insurance industry, and is currently Head of Insurance at the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED). Mr.Metcalf sits on the Company's Board Audit and Compliance Committee, Board Finance Committee and Board Nominating and Human Resource Committee.

Deepak Pandey
Mr.Pandey is the Chief Executive Officer for Jubilee Uganda. He has worked In Jubilee Uganda for 14 years, during which time he served as General Manager and Deputy General Manager from 1997 to 2004. He holds a Post Graduate degree in Economics – M.A (Econ) from the University of Lucknow, India and is an Associate of Insurance Institute of India (AIII).

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