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Household Cover

What is the Household Cover?
A House is a lifetime investment that we cannot afford to lose. Insuring our Households should be therefore our utmost priority.
Our attractive Household package is meant for individuals that own or rent a house. We offer an All-In-One policy with a single renewal date for all your needs running from Fire & Allied Perils, Burglary, Contents, Personal Liability and Domestic Servants.
Why choose our Household Cover

  • Comprehensive All-In-One Policy
  • Single renewal anniversary date.
  • No assessment at enrolment.
  • Easy and rapid settlement of claims

How to apply to our Household Cover
Request a quote by calling 2103678 or emailing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Frequently Asked Questions
What will be required from me to get a Household Comprehensive Cover?
We will require your National Identity Card and a proof of address.
What are the terms of payment?
We usually require our clients to pay the full annual premium upfront but we also offer facilities through Direct Debits.
Will there be any assessment before my enrolment?
We will not require any assessment of the assets except in exceptional cases and for the jewelleries.
Can my policy be automatically renewed?
According to Mauritian Law, General Insurances are not subject to “Tacite Reconduction” as compared to Long-Term insurances. We usually send our clients a Renewal Notice at the expiry of their policy.
When can I make a claim?
You must notify us immediately or up to 5 working days following any loss, damage or injury.
The submission of a Claim along with the full particulars of the occurrence should reach us within 15 Working Days following any loss, damage or injury.
What happens if I sell my house or stop renting my house?
Our Household Policy is not transferrable and in the even that a client sell my house or stop renting my house, the policy will be terminated and a refund of the unused premium is allowed.

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