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Motor Insurance



  • Any individual and corporate owner of a Private Car aged less than 5 years.
  • The Value to range from Rs 400,000 to Rs5,000,000


  • Loss or damage to vehicle and its accessories arising out of any cause.
  • 24 Hour Road Side Assistance (Towing Services).
  • Indemnity is on ‘Agreed Value Basis’
  • Excess is waived entirely in accidental cases irrespective of fault for the first three years
  • The excess is however maintained in all other type of claims
  • A replacement car not exceeding 1800cc is made available. Not extended in case of unavailability of spare parts
  • In Total Loss cases, a replacement car is made available for a period from the loss till indemnity is paid out.
  • Protection to Car Occupants against death or disability to the limit of Rs300,000 per seat with Medical Expenses limit of Rs 25,000

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