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What is J Care

J Care is an individual and family health insurance product which offers one stop shop for all your medical needs ranging from Inpatient, Outpatient, Dental, Optical and Maternity cover. It covers you against the costs incurred as a result of illness and accident. 
The true value of health insurance is in the access to quality healthcare that it offers you at the time of an acute, unforeseen medical emergency, such as a heart attack, an accident or the onset of cancer; emergencies which require costly treatment and can set back a family’s finances by many years. Not in the treatment of day to day ailments which undervalue the worth of such a product and unnecessarily increase the cost of health. We, at Jubilee, therefore prefer to emphasise on the former.
Our Health department comprises of committed, knowledgeable and professional team, promise you a fast turnaround of claims as well as an efficient and effective service delivery.

Why choose the J Care

  • Corporate clients have the possibility to have discounted premiums up to 20 %.
  • Rational limit for Caesarian section reflecting the cost practiced by local clinics.
  • Competitive pricing on Dependents.
  • 24 Hour service for Emergency Hospitalisation.
  • Funeral Benefit.
  • Fastest Claim Settlement in Mauritius. (10 working days)
  • Unique Photo Membership Card at no additional fee.
  • Network of Providers across the island.
  • Treatments for Members temporarily travelling abroad.
  • Cashless Services with Opticians and pharmacies.
  • Rewards and Loyalty Programme. Please check the following link:

How to apply to the J Care
Request a quote by calling 202-2260 or emailing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

FAQs related to the J Care

What are the waiting periods applicable?
We usually apply 3 months general waiting period and 12 months waiting period on pregnancy.  We also offer the possibility to Corporate clients to waive the waiting periods pertaining to their enrolment on the J Care.

What is an excess and when is it applicable?
An excess an amount a policyholder must bear before the liability passes to the insurer. We usually apply 10 to 20 % excess on Outpatient. Inpatient Cover has no excess.

Who are the dependents I can add to the scheme?
We cover Spouses and Children for both our Individual and Family Plan. We cover spouses from 18 to 65 of age and children at birth and up to 18 years of age. However we can extend the age up to 25 years of age if the dependent is a full time student in a recognised institution in Mauritius.

What is the claim process?
For Outpatient Claims, we require our members to submit us a Claim Form along with the original receipts. Receipt for drugs and investigations should be accompanied by a prescription of a Doctor.
For Inpatient Claims, we will give our Members the advantage not to disburse anything if the treatment cost up to the limit of the Members and authorised by the policy.

  • If the inpatient treatment is planned, we request our Members to notify us in advance for a Pre-Authorisation.
  • For Medical Emergencies, we request our Members to call at a clinic that is registered in our network along with you Membership card. The said Clinic will call us for a Prise-en-Charge.


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