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Baada Ya Campo

life 01"Baada ya Campo" is a life insurance policy that enables university and/ or college student build a fund over a period of 4 to 6 years depending on the duration of the course. The fund is intended to help the fresh graduates settle into life out of college by providing cash for immediate needs such as “daily living expenses, tarmacking, or even setting up business ventures for those enterprising fresh graduates.

This plan in addition to providing the savings opportunity also ensures that the student enjoys life assurance cover equivalent to 75% of the sum assured in the event of untimely and premature death of the student during the years of study (or the term of the savings plan).

Why Baada ya Campo?

  • Developing a savings culture

  • Financial security

  • Fixed level of contribution (premiums)

  • Flexible savings term

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Is there any benefit of starting Baada ya Campo sooner rather than later?
Yes, the longer you save the more funds you will accumulate by the end of the course.
Are there age restriction / limits to taking the Baada ya Campo savings plan?
This product aims to facilitate students joining university straight from high school to build up savings to start post campus life. The target age group is therefore 19 to 25 years.

Is there a minimum or a maximum sum assured?
To keep the administration of the savings plan simple, the benefit level is determined by the amount that a student is willing to pay (premiums) and the savings duration. The monthly premiums are preset at Kshs. 2,110/=, 1,580/= and 1,055/=. The corresponding sum assured depends on the number of years the student plans to save. The target sums assured range from 50,000/= to Kshs 155,262/=.

How can I apply for the policy?
The steps to apply are very simple and easy to follow:


  • Fill in the application
  • Submit the application form together with a copy of your National Identity Card or Passport
  • Submit a copy of your student identity card as well.

How do I pay the premiums?
Premiums are payable by either Mpesa, through the pay bill number – 328100
Where we have secured the agreement of the university to facilitate premium payment, this will be done at the same time of paying college fees.

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