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Anticipated Endowment

Anticipated Endowment plans have unique feature where a part of the sum assured is paid at certain intervals during the term of the policy and the balance of the sum assured together with the accrued bonus at maturity.

The life assured continues enjoying the life cover such that in the event of death at any time during the term of the policy i.e., before the maturity date, full sum assured is payable without any deduction of installments paid earlier.

What are Jubilees' anticipated endowment plans?
At Jubilee we have three types of anticipated endowments.

  • Triplex, which has three payouts
  • Jubilant, which has four payouts
  • Anticipated Endowment 5 payments, which has five payouts.

Why should I take an Anticipated Endowment?

Financial Security:


This plan allows for a disciplined, systematic and relaxed way to save for a specific future financial need. You have the option of you getting the partial payouts during the term of your policy and this will enable you meet short term financial goals. The timing of payment and amount payable are predetermined at inception of the policy.

Fixed premiums:

The sum assured and premiums are determined at onset and they remain fixed throughout the term of the policy.

Flexible term:
Depending on the number of partial payouts, you can select the term of the policy as follows:

  • For a 3 payment option the terms available are 12,15,18,21 and 24 years.
  • For a 4 payment option the terms available are 10, 12,15 and 18 years.
  • For a 5 payment option the terms available are 15, 20 and 25 years.

Partial Payouts: The partial payouts are calculated as a percentage of the sum assured you select

  • For a 3 payment option, the amount payable is 25% of the sum assured for the first two partial payout and the final payout is 50% of the sum assured
  • For a 4 payment option, the amount payable is 30% of the sum assured for the first three partial payout and the final payout is 50% of the sum assured
  • For a 5 payment option, the amount payable is 10% of the sum assured for the first partial payout, 15% of the sumfor the second to fourth payout and the final payout is 45% of the sum assured

These payments can be used as you wish; to meet the cost of your children's education; to build or renovate your house; to have a relaxing holiday.


What are riders and why should I take them?
Riders are benefits that come as compliments to your plan and offer additional benefits to you at a relatively low cost. The riders include:

Accidental death benefit:


Where an additional amount equal to the sum assured will be paid in the event that you die out of an accident

Total & Permanent Disability:

Where an amount equal to the sum assured will be paid to you over a period of 36 months in the event that you become disabled.

Waiver of premiums:

In the event that you become totally and permanently disabled all future premiums will be waived and the policy will remain in force.

Accident hospitalization benefit:

In the event that you are hospitalized as a result of an accident, Jubilee would reimburse the inpatient medical costs incurred.

Last Expense:

where a fixed amount of Kshs.100,000/- will be paid to your beneficiary in the event of death, within 48 hours of submission of required documents, to carter for your burial expenses.

Is there any benefit of starting the anticipated endowments sooner rather than later?
We all know the famous saying 'time is money' the sooner you will start making payment to your fund the faster you will have your dreams come also the younger you are the lower your premiums will be.

What are the age limits for the Life Assured within the anticipated endowment plans?
The minimum age at entry is 18 years while the maximum age at entry is 60 years. The maximum age at maturity is 70

Is there a minimum or a maximum sum assured?
The minimum sum assured is Kshs.200,000/-. There is no maximum sum assured

What happens in the event of death of the Life Assured?
Jubilee should be notified immediately on death of the Life Assured. In order for the claim to be paid, the claimant should do the following:

  • Have the claim form duly completed and signed
  • Have the certificate of attending physician form filled by the doctor who was attending to the Life Assured at the time of death
  • Provide the original police abstract or original postmortem report if death relates to road traffic accident.
  • Submit a certified copy of the Life Assured identity card, if not earlier submitted
  • Submit the original policy document together with the other claim documents

How can I apply for the policy?
The steps to apply are very simple and easy to follow:

  • Fill in the application form
  • If the Sum Assured is greater than Kshs.2,000,000 a medical report will be required
  • Copy of your National Identity Card or Passport
  • Payment of the first premium

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The Jubilee Insurance Personal Pension Plan is a savings plan tailor-made to allow individuals secure their retirement. By making regular contributions into an interest bearing fund, you build your retirement fund while taking advantage of the tax-deductible benefits on your contributions and your investment income.



How do I join the PPP?
Fill the one page application form, attach a copy of your identification document (ID or valid passport) and pay your first contribution to set up your account. You may email us on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  copies of the completed form and identification document.

How do I pay the contribution?
Based on your circumstances and convenience, you may pay your contributions by cheque, banker's standing order, salary-stop order, Mpesa (Business No. 328103, use your ID/passport no. as your account number) or pay cash to Jubilee offices. You may contribute on monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. 

How much is tax-deductible?
Currently the Kenya Revenue Authority allows a tax exemption of Kshs.240,000 per annum (Kshs.20,000 per month) on the contributions. E.g. an individual earning Kshs.50,000 and making a monthly contribution of Kshs.5,000/= will be taxed on Kshs.45,000/=.

  • Can I increase or decrease my contributions?
  • Yes, our Plans allow you to increase or decrease your contributions as your situation permit. 

How are my funds invested?
We take a prudent approach to invest your retirement funds. Security and sustainable long-term returns are key investment objectives. We aim to maximize returns on your contributions while providing you a guarantee on your accumulated fund. 

How can I monitor my fund?
We provide an annual statement that reflects your total fund and interest earned. 

Should you wish to receive a statement at any time, kindly contact us on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 020 328 1167/ 1000 and we will provide it to you within 24 hours.

At what age can I retire?
The normal retirement age in Kenya is 60 years. However, you may retire as early as age 55 or even later than age 60 depending on your circumstances.

How much will I get at retirement? 
The accumulated fund is available to you at retirement to purchase an annuity. The fund may also be taken as a lump sum subject to Income Tax deductions and the Retirement Benefits Authority guidelines.

What if I die before retirement?
The total fund accumulated at the date of your death will be payable to your dependents. 

What will happen if I am disabled?
In case of early retirement due to ill health or disablement the accumulated fund at the date of early retirement is payable.

Can I withdraw my fund from Jubilee Insurance before retirement?
You may terminate the contract and withdraw the fund at any time. However, the fund will be subject to any taxes payable and locking-in of the benefit arising from the employer's contributions. 

Can I transfer my accumulated fund to Jubilee Insurance Personal Pension Plan?
Yes, by providing your former Employer's scheme trustees with written transfer instructions. See sample letter attached. Our Pensions Officer will be glad to be of assistance, kindly contact us on  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or 020 328 1167/ 1000

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