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Bankers Blanket Bond

This policy intended for banks and other financial institutions provides a blanket cover and thereby safeguards them by providing compensation for losses arising from the following risks:





  • Infidelity of employees
  • Loss of property on premises
  • Loss (of money and other valuables) whilst in transit
  • Forgery or fraudulent alteration of checks, bills, drafts, money orders etc.
  • Losses incurred by the insured in the ordinary course of business whilst dealing with securities such share certificates, stocks, bonds, debentures, promissory notes, deeds, mortgages, certificates of deposits, letters of credits etc.
  • Loss incurred by the insured due to receipt in good faith of any counterfeited or altered paper currency
  • Loss of or damage to offices and contents, which includes but is not limited to furnishings, fixtures, equipment, stationary etc.
  • Loss or damage to ATM’s and cash in the ATM’s

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