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pensions products 01Retirement Benefit Schemes are used worldwide as a tax efficient vehicle to encourage a form of permanent savings to provide for financial security upon retirement for employees. An employer can choose to set up a provident fund scheme, which provides a lump sum of accumulated benefits at retirement or a pension scheme which provides an income for life as well as a part lump sum payment. Whichever scheme is chosen, whether it is determined by the ways in which the contributions are collected or how the benefits are received our product offering ensures that capital (contributions and accumulated past credited interest rate) are guaranteed. At Jubilee Insurance, we tailor make the products to suit your needs and offer a range of personalised services such as the overall investment of your funds, administration of your scheme, professional advice and guidance on how to manage your scheme, in compliance with both Retirement Benefits and Kenya Revenue Authorities. Emphasis is on sustainable long term investment returns against speculative short term gains. We aim for respectable yields without compromising the security of invested funds.

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