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Board of Directors-Jubilee Holdings Limited

nizarNizar N Juma - Chairman
Mr. Juma is the Chairman of Jubilee Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries, and has served in this capacity since July 2004. He is also a Director of Diamond Trust Bank (DTB) and the regional Chairman of the Industrial Promotion Services group of Companies. Mr. Juma was awarded the Silver Star by H.E The President of Kenya in 1982.

sultanSultan A Allana
Mr. Allana was appointed a Director of the company in April 2006, and is presently the Chairman of Habib Bank Limited as well as a Director of the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development.


Juma Kisaame
Mr. Kisaame joined the Board in June 2006, and is currently the Managing Director of Development Finance Company of Uganda Limited (DFCU). Prior to joining DFCU, Mr. Kisaame was the Managing Director of the Eurafrican Bank in Tanzania
lutafLutaf R Kassam
Mr. Kassam joined the Board in April 2006 and chairs its Finance Committee. Currently, he is the Group Managing Director of Industrial Promotion Services Limited in East Africa.

John J MetcalfJohn J Metcalf
Mr. Metcalf was appointed to the Board in November 2006. He has extensive international experience in the insurance industry, and is currently Head of Insurance for the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development.

Mr.Shabir AbjiMr.Shabir Abji
Appointed to the Board in January, 2013, Mr. Abji also serves in Jubilee Holdings Limited subsidiary, Jubilee Insurance Company of Tanzania Limited,as the Vice- Chairman.

janeJane S. Mwangi
Mrs. Mwangi was appointed to the Board in May 2014 as a non-executive and independent director. She is a Senior Partner at Robson Harris & Company Advocates. She has also worked at the United Nations, Office of Internal Oversight Services, Caucus for Justice in the International Criminal Court (ICC), Jane Addams Peace Association Inc. (JAPA) in New York, the Central Bank of Kenya among others. She is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya and is a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Zul AbdulZul Abdul
Mr. Zul Abdul joined the Board in May 2014 as a non-executive and independent director. He is the Chief Executive Officer, Trans-Orbit Kenya Limited. He has also held key leadership voluntary positions having served as the President of Aga Khan National Council for Kenya, the Chairman of Aga Khan Education Services and as a director at the Jubilee Fund Limited.

johanMoez A. Jamal
Mr. Jamal joined the Board in May 2014 as a non-executive and independent director. He has served on the Boards of various banking and financial institutions including Credit Suisse. He is also a Member of the Board of the Diamond Trust Bank (K) Limited, Habib Bank Limited Pakistan amongst others.

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